Fast and Furious – Mission Beach Jet Ski Edition

Everyone loves Fast and Furious, I mean they made like freakin’ 15 of them already. Now what would happen if they made a Mission Beach Jet Ski Rental movie to add to the series? All kidding aside, Fast and Furious is one of the best series of movies ever created. One of the highest paying too. You know what else is high paying? Getting in the right niche and crushing it. If only there was some way to have super powers and crush it every time, yay or nay!?

Well, our buddies over at San Diego Jet Ski Rentals and Tours really hooked us up this time and decided to let us do some filming out on a jet ski rental in Mission Bay, close to downtown San Diego (D town baby). So we went out and got this epic shot! …sort of. JK, lol. Okay we didn’t take this picture, but it sure looks sexy doesn’t it?

You know, the best part about renting jet skis — especially in Mission Bay harbor is the big open mile stretch of water that you can literally go full-throttle on without a care in the world. It’s the essence of the American Dream, Freedom baby (yeah). Damn it felt good to say that. You see, most people think lead generating has to be boring but it does not. Especially when you’re bringing more people to ride jet skis. San Diego Jet Ski Rentals was really smart about their marketing.

What they did is threw a huge even in Summer over at their Mission Beach Jet Ski Rentals location, and made a huge party out of it! So everyone got to talking about renting wave runners and jet skis, and they started DOING it! Imagine that! Man! Well, it got me thinking, we may as well throw huge parties all the time if it’s good for marketing. I’ll keep that one on the shelf for now though.

So we did end up going to the San Diego Jet Ski party and we had a blast. Got to ride some jet skis and they even had a boat out on the water. Alright, I’m starting to run out of things to talk about so if you decide to read on from this point, please be warned. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

I love jet skis. They are awesome. All I want to do is go out and ride wave runners and wake boards on my boat around Mission Beach for hours on end with a hammock posted on the side of the bay and some friends barbecuing it up. Man I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for over 5 years. And I still write these articles exactly the same as when I started back then. Good thing I have a lot of people who work for me though! That way I can go out and ride jet skis into the sunset sipping mimosas like it’s going outta style. Alright sweet. That’s gonna hit the quote for words on this one ;).

Well it’s been fun guys, I hope you appreciate my antics and see how easy this really can be. This one should put us over the edge and then boom. We’re in the money. See you on the green — oh yeah I almost forget, visit Mission Beach Jet Ski Rentals to have a blast and bring your momma on that trip while you’re at it!

Bon Voyage.

– IN

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Loaded and Ready: Lead in Red Dead Revolver

If you ever played the game ‘Red Dead Revolver’, you’ll notice there’s a lot of lead you can throw around in the game. It’s fun, fast, exciting, and has an open world ready for you to explore and, (yes of course), pop some lead out! Here at Lead Holder, we are all about Fun and Exciting, Action packed activities (just like the video game mentioned in this article), so you can count on the fact that when you come by, you are going to view some exciting topics about some exciting activities you can do when you’re out and about.

Get ready for a bunch of action-packed topics guaranteed to shake the salt out of your margarita! For now, enjoy this boring people of folks in the office and remember, you can get out of there too. If you’re still reading this, I just want to show you that big ol’ G dog isn’t really that big, bad, and scary. You can say just about anything you want on a site like this and run to the bank all day. So for now, enjoy this boring image of people sitting around a table in the office, while we climb the ranks all the way to the banks. JK fer life.

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